Automatic body temperature scanner

Sentinelle is a professional temperature scanner that allows you to measure the body temperature of your visitors automatically and in complete safety.  The scanner measures the body temperature quickly and easily through a ‘selfie’. In situations where this is mandatory, such as in care institutions and public transport, it can also detect whether or not someone is wearing a mask, or, for example on construction sites, whether someone is wearing a safety helmet.

The measurement is entirely voluntary. It is only a snapshot of each individual who participates by making a ‘temperature selfie’. This takes place without making any contact and at a considerable distance from the terminal.

NO images or measurement results are stored!


The measures to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus are strict. Almost all shops, restaurants, educational institutions, gyms, clubs, public transport and other enterprises with premises open
to the public will have to apply and enforce these regulations.

Elevated body temperature or fever are immediately shown

The first measurement that can be used to filter entries of individuals with a possible elevated body temperature. This measurement must be taken very fast and accurately without physical contact.

GEOS has found the perfect solution to perform such a body temperature measurement.
A very fast, very accurate and completely independent check for personnel, crew, visitors to your premises or your business relations, as well as in places where many people come together.

Sentinelle identifies people with elevated body temperate or fever immediately.
The result is visible in less than one second. At the terminal, a number of criteria can also be switched on, such as detection of wearing a mask and/or a safety helmet.

No physical contact, no risk

Sentinelle is completely autonomous and contactless. There is no need for security personnel to perform an endless measurement on each individual. As a result, there is no physical contact with colleagues or with the terminal itself, which avoids the risk of cross-contamination with the Coronavirus.

Wearing a mask has no influence on the measurement

Whether or not the visitor wears a mask, the measurement is always accurate. The use of a mask has therefore no influence on the accuracy of the test result. After taking the ‘temperature selfie’, the exact measurement result is displayed immediately on the screen.

Volume of the test result

To keep the test results as discreet as possible, the volume can be turned down or turned off completely. In this way, the measurement result is only visible to the individual themselves. The spoken announcements can be adjusted in any modern language. You can choose for standard Dutch or English, but other languages can be added on request.

Customised operating software for every target group

The integrated operating software for Sentinelle is developed entirely in-house and can be customised where required. For example, the system uses special techniques to quickly take a very accurate measurement based on biometrics. In the accompanying video clip on our website, we show a number of situations that occur in practice, including an example where a hot coffee mug disrupts the measurement and asks the system to repeat the test.

Extension of external circuits

In addition to the basic version, there are a number of extensions. There is, for instance, an option to give someone access based on Photo ID, such as by opening an access port/gate.
Extension of the system with a wireless linked registration server is also an option.
The latter is technically possible, but not permitted by law within Europe due to GDPR legislation.


Standard and portable version

Sentinelle is available in 2 models, designed for the most common set-ups:

  1. STANDARD, freestanding on a stylish leg of 135 cm high
  2. NOMAD, portable version with transport case


Freestanding on a beautiful, stable, slim leg of 135 cm high. Available in various colours and immediately usable in a wide range of set-ups.

Think of the entrance of care institutions, dental and general practices, clinics, etc. Control of passenger check-in at airports, as well as access to the food processing industry, supermarkets, reception areas of theatres, restaurants, meeting venues, saunas, gyms, etc.


In terms of technology, this model is exactly the same as the standard model, but compact and mainly intended for portable use on location. Think of placement at a reception desk, access control at an outdoor event, etc. The NOMAD comes complete in a nice, solid, portable transport case.


Both systems are optionally available with a rechargeable battery, for use in locations where a fixed 220/240V power supply is not available.


Beautiful, modern design, entirely composed of durable materials.

100% designed and manufactured in the EU.

Available in different colours, so always matching your interior.

Standard colours are available with every purchase at no extra cost.
Different colours or specific wishes can be discussed when purchasing 10 units or more


is the ideal tool to welcome staff and customers back into your company in a completely safe way.


is very accurate. Only one-second measurement gives immediate results in image and speech. The spoken result keeps your staff informed at the entrance.


‘temperature-selfie’ is very easy and widely accepted.


only shows the measurement result directly to the visitor. This avoids unnecessary stress and makes the taking of a ‘temperature-selfie’ very accessible.


is a contactless temperature scanner, autonomous, very fast, based on the completely voluntary ‘temperature selfie’. You retain control over visitors and thus protect your staff from possible contamination with the Coronavirus.


always provides an accurate temperature measurement, both with and without a mask. The use of a mask has no influence on the measurement results.


requires no complicated installation or connections, only a standard 220/240V socket is required for the power supply. Plug & play! The system is optionally available with a rechargeable battery, especially for situations where a 220/240V socket is not available.

We would like to show you how Sentinelle works

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Comes fully configured “plug & play”.

excl. transport costs from Zeist, the Netherlands

Call or email us for more information about prices and delivery options.

Sentinelle is a development of GEOS Onsite Solutions BV in Zeist, the Netherlands.
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